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Our blog

The History of Cream Soda

For decades soda lovers from around the globe have indulged themselves in the sweet “creamy” deliciousness of what is known to be cream soda. Despite what its name entails, cream soda is, well, not cream soda everywhere. Regularly interchanged with “ice cream soda”, the vanilla-y soft drink differs from culture to culture. Whether made with…


The History of Rootbeer

Did you know that root beer is technically the most American carbonated beverage? An English scientist named William Brownrigg probably created the concept for a carbonated beverage in the 1740s; English scientist Joseph Priestley created the first carbonated drink in the 1760s. And while Coca-Cola was invented in 1892 in the United States, it was…

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Create My Own Soda Flavor?

Simply head over to our Soda Creation Page, select from our wide range of flavors, and use our slider to create your own heavenly flavor.

What Are The Requirement For Label Design?

Our labels are 4 inches wide and 3 inches high. If you want features like ingredients, contact info, or other business info please leave create a 3"x3" with a half inch available for this information on each side of your square logo.

Please also:

  • Keep your label clean of any profanity of any kind
  • Follow our design guidelines
  • Note that black or dark backgrounds do not print as clearly
How Long Is Creation/Delivery Time?

Please allow up to 7 business days for the creation of your flavor and 7 business days for shipping.

For bulk or rush orders please contact the Soda God Team before placing your order.

About us

Second only to Olympus, Mount Sodapolis was a place for the Gods to relax and enjoy the fruits of their land in bubbly fashion. Any time there was a birthday, wedding, or any reason for celebration, the Gods would create a flavor for the occasion.


At Soda God, we are reviving access to this ancient land! Create your flavor, design your logo, and we will deliver delicious soda to your door.